F.A.C.T.S. 2010~

yo minna-san so yesterday i went to my second manga convention (well actually there are only 2 manga  convention in 1 year XD) and it was amazing. my friend and i made a deal that my dad drove us to the trainstation at 7:30 AM and that his dad drove me back home. so i […]

Happiest Day Of My Life!!!

yo minna-san Saturday 17th July 2010 was my Happiest Day til now cos it begins like this: in the afternoon me and my friend went into the town and i’ve finally got my Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle volume 1 and when i saw there were half priced things i went to see if there weren’r mangas […]

New my T.A.P. ^_^

so this what i’ve been working in the vacation of autumn ^_^ so these are the pictures i’ve used followed by a drawing of mine meet ichigo kurosaki  *_* this is kaname-sempai! Kyaa lelouch >_< hey sakura and syaoran ^_^ don’t by affraid to post comments, it can maybe correct my drawing style ^_^