AtsusaCon 2011

yo minna-san well previous weekend i went to a convention called “Atsusacon”  and there is one word that i need to say: SMALLL!!! but i guess it’s not their fault, cos it’s their first year so i can’t blame them ^^ so ok i prepared 2 cosplays (well actually 1 and a Half xD, cos […]

Update of this Fall Break

yo minna-san so now i really don’t know where i’m gonna start cos there’s alot to tell to you guys XD but i guess i’ll begin at the start XD (duh i think that’s logical X3) so one of my friend just saw a horror movie and she couldn’t sleep and she asked me if […]

Switch Girl!!

yo minna-san so yesterday my mom, my 2 bros and me my dad went to work went to the Shopping Mall called “City 2” there’s a huge Fnac (for the people who know Fry’s it’s a bit like that). there we went to buy games and Books. one of my bro bought “The Legend Of Zelda: […]