the latest songs~

yo ^^ i’m here again. for this post i actually wanted to post a lot of songs BUT one problem was they weren’t “recent” more like 4 month old :c so that will be an other section xD

MNet! M! CountDown

yo minna-san so today i woke up very early… you wanna know why??? well it’s becos i wanna see the Live Stream of M! CountDown which was on facebook so the show was at 10AM and i went to bed at 5AM TT so not much sleep, but hey guess what those peeps got the […]

Super Junior – Mr Simple MV

yo minna-san well as promised here is the MV of Super Junior – Mr Simple well my personal thought are… hmm well yesung doesn’t sing a lot in this MV, i always thought he sings a lot, but it wasn’t so TT and i love Eunhyuk’s Hair sooo much <3, heechul’s hair was… meeh my […]

Super Junior – Mr Simple

yo minna-san well this post is about Super Junior’s newest Album called “Mr Simple’ Mr Simple Opera Be My Girl Walkin’ Storm Good Friends Feels Good Memories Sunflower White Christmas Y My Love, My Kiss, My Heart Perfection sadly the MV hasn’t come out yet so i can’t put the MV, but i Promise you […]


yo minna-san today i’ve bought the First 3 mangas of Otomen in french ooh yeah i recently received a mail that my english manga (Tsubasa Chronicle 1) has arrived yay after 2 months of waiting and i’ve been babysitting my bro’s for 4 days and earned money :d so today i’ve bought a t-shirt it’s […]