AtsusaCon 2011

yo minna-san well previous weekend i went to a convention called “Atsusacon”  and there is one word that i need to say: SMALLL!!! but i guess it’s not their fault, cos it’s their first year so i can’t blame them ^^ so ok i prepared 2 cosplays (well actually 1 and a Half xD, cos […]

New Stuff!!

yo minna-san well ok this post is about my new collection of mangas ^^ after the exams (i hope they were good, let’s hope i won’t stay down a year ^^) the exams were from Thursday 9June til Thursday 23June and i was every day dead up from studying ==’ ok so in the weekend […]

Skip Beat!

yo minna-san so as you can see, (or not XD) well at least Sylphalchemist saw it before i posted it XD so yeah now i’m kinda in my Skip Beat! mode (whut?! again? me?) and it’s all thanks to Mangafox, cos they suddenly updated like 10 chapters or more i was like freaking out cos […]

Starry Sky <3

yo minna-san as promised i’ll wil be telling you guys today about Starry Sky, my current addiction >_< Game: Starry Sky Developer: HoneyBee Year: 2009 Publisher: HoneyBee Genre: Otome Game, Simulation, Romance Platform: Windows, PSP the game is about a girl who goes to a school that is specialized in astronomy. this school was originally […]

aah, finally free time ^_^

hi minna-san it’s been a week that i didn’t post, but i’ve read “Tokyo Crazy Paradise” ^_^ so for the people they don’t know this manga, it’s actually the same mangaka as from “Skip Beat” but i think you people know “Skip Beat” ^_^ if you don’t there are pictures of those 2 beneath this […]