Daily stuff

yo minna-san well today i went shopping with my whole family at 4PM xDDD (cos well yeah i’m gonna tell you guys a secret and here it is: I WENT TO BED AT 4AM AND WOKE UP AT 3PM xDDDD) ok well so today i went shopping as i was saying xDDD and i bought […]

Selfmade Cosplay + B-chan random stuff

yo minna-san well today i decided to make my own cosplay and by own cosplay i mean a selfmade one xDD and i think it kinda succeeded xDD well it’s Ashura from RG VEDA xDD for the people that don’t know him/her (Ashura is Genderless) this is Ashura (on the left) well yeah why not […]

AtsusaCon 2011

yo minna-san well previous weekend i went to a convention called “Atsusacon”  and there is one word that i need to say: SMALLL!!! but i guess it’s not their fault, cos it’s their first year so i can’t blame them ^^ so ok i prepared 2 cosplays (well actually 1 and a Half xD, cos […]

Cosplay x3

yo minna-san so this time it’s bout Cosplay xD i know i’m not that good, but i still try my best :3 so this time i got myself elfears and a wig xD the ears look like this xD now i think you’re wondering why i bought those 2 things (yeah why? xD) well cos i’m […]