Skip Beat!

yo minna-san so as you can see, (or not XD) well at least Sylphalchemist saw it before i posted it XD so yeah now i’m kinda in my Skip Beat! mode (whut?! again? me?) and it’s all thanks to Mangafox, cos they suddenly updated like 10 chapters or more i was like freaking out cos […]

First and probably the Last one of December XD

yo minna-san so now we are in the month of snow,cold… in other words December XD talking about snow, it snowed in the end of November. i didn’t exspect snow this early. normally it’s always mid December that it begins to snow but this year i guess not XD btw if you didn’t noticed it […]

There’s Change In The World~

yo minna-san so yesterday i realised that this blog is soon gonna be 1 year old (only 9 days left) and i was like ” what, already 1 year!?” so yeah on that day i’ll be also posting something on my blog >_< so my next topic is… as you can see i changed my […]