Paris, i want to go back…

yo minna-san well as promised today my review about my trip to Paris xDDD well ok this time our main reason to go to Paris was to eat, cos we’ve been there already4 times and we’ve seen everything we wanted to see xDD ok so remember previous year that i went to a restaurant called […]

MIA 2011

yo minna-san ok so ok this post was supposed to be posted previous week, but i didn’t have time (= school work) so yeah this post is also about something that had have past for like 2 weeks xD the convention that i already have referred in my previous post (i think xD) so yeah […]

F.A.C.T.S. 2010~

yo minna-san so yesterday i went to my second manga convention (well actually there are only 2 manga  convention in 1 year XD) and it was amazing. my friend and i made a deal that my dad drove us to the trainstation at 7:30 AM and that his dad drove me back home. so i […]

Paris ~ Day 4

yo minna-san so normally this was a post that was for yesterday but i was so busy with watching Anime(Kuroshitsuji) that i hadn’t time to do this >_< ooh btw i finished Kuroshitsuji Season 1 yesterday an today i’m gonna watch the second Season and after that i think i’ll complete Hanasakeru Seishonen (ima i’m […]

Paris ~ Day 3

yo minna-san so day 3 was actually my fav day of all them. why? is it special? well duh that day we went to Paris the real Paris and not the place where we lived well i actually planned that day to go Disney Studios but thought that weren’t such fun atractions (well there were some of them that there were […]