everyday time…

yo minna-san well after a few posts of a bit of everything, i decided to do a weekly check up xDD well i was bored and decided to cosplay. well i recosplayed Setsuna Sakurazaka from Negima! xDDD (on the left) and yeah have now a wig that’s long enough xDDD and the other one is […]

Previous Week stuff xD

yo minna-san well i know it’s vacation and normally i should pay more attention on my blog, but yeah if you’ve got bro’s, chatpals, dramas, mangas and such then it’s kinda hard to write something on your blog, but now i’m making time especially for my visitors or in japanese they’re called Ogyaku-sama xD if […]

New Drawings xD

yo minna-san so as i promised i’ll be posting lots of things on my blog specially for you, my visitors ;3 so this time it’s Drawings (short post) i’ve been PicxDrawing for these days xD like this for example: these two are CLAMP’s First creation named Ashura and Yasha from RG Veda ^^ they’re soo […]


yo minna-san so like i promised you i’ll post something about my vacation xD but first some stuffs that i didn’t post xD first of: i know it looks weird, but this is my kurara inspired from the serie: Kuragehime xD tho it looks creepy, i had lots of fun of making it :3

Skip Beat!

yo minna-san so as you can see, (or not XD) well at least Sylphalchemist saw it before i posted it XD so yeah now i’m kinda in my Skip Beat! mode (whut?! again? me?) and it’s all thanks to Mangafox, cos they suddenly updated like 10 chapters or more i was like freaking out cos […]