Paris, i want to go back…

yo minna-san well as promised today my review about my trip to Paris xDDD well ok this time our main reason to go to Paris was to eat, cos we’ve been there already4 times and we’ve seen everything we wanted to see xDD ok so remember previous year that i went to a restaurant called […]

Best News Ever!!!!!!!

yo minna-san well today i’ve seen the best news ever!!!! why you ask???? well there was one part that i totally love *bloodloss* and that is that Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 aka my hubby was on tv!!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* and guess what? i filmed that part *bloodloss again* so here it is ^^ ok you’ll […]

everyday time…

yo minna-san well after a few posts of a bit of everything, i decided to do a weekly check up xDD well i was bored and decided to cosplay. well i recosplayed Setsuna Sakurazaka from Negima! xDDD (on the left) and yeah have now a wig that’s long enough xDDD and the other one is […]

Paris Here I come (AGAIN!) + nailart!!!

yo minna-san so ok as the first part of my tittle says, i’m going to Paris again this year xDDD, but this time it’s main Paris, no Disneyland anymore xDDD i’ll be leaving Monday til Wednesday, but don’t be afraid i’ll be updating my blog then too ^^ after i’m back i’m gonna write about […]

Paris ~ Day 4

yo minna-san so normally this was a post that was for yesterday but i was so busy with watching Anime(Kuroshitsuji) that i hadn’t time to do this >_< ooh btw i finished Kuroshitsuji Season 1 yesterday an today i’m gonna watch the second Season and after that i think i’ll complete Hanasakeru Seishonen (ima i’m […]