MIA 2011

yo minna-san ok so ok this post was supposed to be posted previous week, but i didn’t have time (= school work) so yeah this post is also about something that had have past for like 2 weeks xD the convention that i already have referred in my previous post (i think xD) so yeah […]

A New Year, A New Start…

yo minna-san so today school has started again ==’ (meeh~i want more sleep) and it starts “great”. so i was walking to go to my bus stop, i was kinda boring so i looked around, looked at the schedule and saw 7:42, i saw yeah it’s ok…WAIT!!! 7:42!!!!! that already has passed!!!!! so i rushed […]

Made In Asia !!

yo minna-san yesterday i’ve been gone to an event. well guess it was a manga/anime/game event ^^ of course i was there as Setsuna ^^ at the begin i didn’t knew anybody @_@ but after some time i’ve made friends and we spent the time together ^^ well i’ve bought things such as a Tsubasa […]