the latest songs~

yo ^^ i’m here again. for this post i actually wanted to post a lot of songs BUT one problem was they weren’t “recent” more like 4 month old :c so that will be an other section xD

news, news, NEWS!!!

yo minna-san well my friend just made a blog on blogspot and i just wanted to report it through my blog xDDD so she’ll be motivated to blog more xDDD her link is and she’s totally Lee Hong Ki fan (LHK from FT ISLAND) xDDDD so let’s all support her ^^ annyeong~~~

Paris Here I come (AGAIN!) + nailart!!!

yo minna-san so ok as the first part of my tittle says, i’m going to Paris again this year xDDD, but this time it’s main Paris, no Disneyland anymore xDDD i’ll be leaving Monday til Wednesday, but don’t be afraid i’ll be updating my blog then too ^^ after i’m back i’m gonna write about […]

AtsusaCon 2011

yo minna-san well previous weekend i went to a convention called “Atsusacon”  and there is one word that i need to say: SMALLL!!! but i guess it’s not their fault, cos it’s their first year so i can’t blame them ^^ so ok i prepared 2 cosplays (well actually 1 and a Half xD, cos […]

Kpop Fangasm!!!

yo minna-san well this post will be about K-drama xD well during the exams i was watching the Music Drama “Dream High” and it was awesome cos i got to see Kim Hyun Joong for 1 minute in ep 1 xD and Taecyeon as a main role so i was very happy ^^ the main […]