yo everyone since i’m lazy (again) cause it’s now like 3AM. i’m just holding it short. this summer i’ve been drawing a lot and guess what they’re kpop idols since i got a little bit tired of drawing anime.

Quick Post~

yo minna-san ok i know it’s been a long time since i posted something and this one is also gonna be a small post. therefor Sumimasen minna~ or in korean Biannee~ ok there were reasons why i haven’t been posting. 1) well it’s cos i got exams and those teachs gave me more little tests […]

Sashiburi desu ne~

yo minna-san it’s really really been a long time that i’ve posted something (wow one month ago was my last post oops) well you know i was busy with school and if not i was too lazy to write something down sumimasen minna >_< well let’s start at the beginning (that’s around end August) i’ve […]