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Yo minna-san Well i know it’s been a long time but I didn’t have time to write stuff for my blog cos I was busy spending time with my friend. She stayed at my house and I needed to pay attention to her xD well after she left I needed to work on my cosplay […]

Random Post~~~

yo minna-san well it’s been awhile that i posted something here on my blog, well that’s because those teachers gave us alot of homework and tests so i didn’t have time to post something. Sumimasen!!! so ok except for studying and doing homework i also got my new laptop (i annoyed my mom too much […]


yo minna-san Today is a Sad Day TT cos my laptop just broke 😥 so i’ll be using my mom’s laptop now TT Yesterday was quite fun XD  we went to the ikea cos 1) my mom needed a shelf for her dramas XD 2) i needed a shelf for my mangas XD and 3) it’s […]

In the End…

yo Minna-san it’s been awhile why? the answer is EXAMS >_< so now i’ve got time ^_^ so what happened when i last posted something til now: well my pc (laptop) is really hopeless: it sometimes doesn’t want to recharge anymore, i can’t open my MSN and i can’t save the works (MangaList) in Microsoft […]