New Stuff!!

yo minna-san well ok this post is about my new collection of mangas ^^ after the exams (i hope they were good, let’s hope i won’t stay down a year ^^) the exams were from Thursday 9June til Thursday 23June and i was every day dead up from studying ==’ ok so in the weekend […]

happy Chinese NewYear!!!

yo minna-san ok so it’s been a long time that i posted something, well that’s cos i’m busy with the preparations of chinese newyear and school. so today’s topics are: Japanes Food, Chinese NewYear, Poster, stuffs and Background. so let’s start with Japanese Food! so this time i ate japanese pancake ^^ it’s been long […]

お誕生日おめでとうございます と Thankies for Love Ratings!!!

yo minna-san so today (actually here few minutes left XD) it’s my b-day and just like previous year while i did the same thing for the question of which celebrity has the same b-day as me, i’ve found more this time like the previous year i only had Orlando Bloom and Chara (J-singer of the […]

Starry Sky <3

yo minna-san as promised i’ll wil be telling you guys today about Starry Sky, my current addiction >_< Game: Starry Sky Developer: HoneyBee Year: 2009 Publisher: HoneyBee Genre: Otome Game, Simulation, Romance Platform: Windows, PSP the game is about a girl who goes to a school that is specialized in astronomy. this school was originally […]

Meri Kurisumasu!!!

yo minna-san so it’s been awhile. i hope you all have a pleasant month, cos i kinda hadn’t had one (Exams ==’) . as you can see today it’s Christmas (here at least it’s still the 25th (yaaaaay X-mas is like the best holiday ever >_<)). ok so i’m also gonna tell you guys what […]