Finished Ashura Sword!!!

yo minna-san today i finally finished my Ashura from RGVEDA sword *wohoooo dances, jumps in the air, does the pervy KHJ dancemove* srry xDD so this is the complete sword that i was making ^^ after today going to the store for golden paint xDDD now all that’s left is my accessories and i’ve got […]

Paris, i want to go back…

yo minna-san well as promised today my review about my trip to Paris xDDD well ok this time our main reason to go to Paris was to eat, cos we’ve been there already4 times and we’ve seen everything we wanted to see xDD ok so remember previous year that i went to a restaurant called […]

Best News Ever!!!!!!!

yo minna-san well today i’ve seen the best news ever!!!! why you ask???? well there was one part that i totally love *bloodloss* and that is that Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 aka my hubby was on tv!!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* and guess what? i filmed that part *bloodloss again* so here it is ^^ ok you’ll […]

Plushies and Fangirling on Youtube

yo minna-san so today i was bored and did 2 things well actually 3 but that last one i’m gonna use an other post for xDDD : the first thing is making my other cute plushies and the second is fangirling on youtube and by that i was singing SS501 songs xDDD ok so the […]

생일축하해요, 김형준 <3<3<3

yo minna-san so guess what… Today it’s the Birthday of our Baby, Kim Hyung Joon of SS501 aka my Soulmate and since i didn’t celebrate Kim Hyun Joong aka my Hubby’s Birthday, which was 6 June, cos i was busy with preparing my exams 😦 i decided to post this post for 2 BIRTHDAYS, a […]