Finished Ashura Sword!!!

yo minna-san today i finally finished my Ashura from RGVEDA sword *wohoooo dances, jumps in the air, does the pervy KHJ dancemove* srry xDD so this is the complete sword that i was making ^^ after today going to the store for golden paint xDDD now all that’s left is my accessories and i’ve got […]

A Bit of Everything and so…

yo minna-san well i know im kinda absent here and i know i need to update stuffs but i’m kinda addicted to my new hobby, which im gonna tell you guys later first is kpop time ^^ so in my previous post i said things about KHJ or in long Kim Hyun Joong, the leader […]

Irashai HachiGatsu!!!

yo minna-san guess what it’s August and so it’s time for a new Header and Background as promised ^^ ok so idk but lately i’m being such a Fangirl of KHJ or in long Kim Hyun Joong and that’s all becos of B-chan xDDD but it’s a good thing cos it’ summer vacation so that […]

Kim Hyung Joon <3<3<3

yo minna-san so yesterday i told you guys about how i’m fascinating about Kim Hyung Joon’s song “Girl” and guess what his mini album “My Girl” came out today (fangirl screaming xD) so i DLed it already (duuuh i’m a obsessed KHJ fan also for the other KHJ XD, you get it, Kim Hyung Joon […]