Best News Ever!!!!!!!

yo minna-san well today i’ve seen the best news ever!!!! why you ask???? well there was one part that i totally love *bloodloss* and that is that Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 aka my hubby was on tv!!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* and guess what? i filmed that part *bloodloss again* so here it is ^^ ok you’ll […]

Plushies and Fangirling on Youtube

yo minna-san so today i was bored and did 2 things well actually 3 but that last one i’m gonna use an other post for xDDD : the first thing is making my other cute plushies and the second is fangirling on youtube and by that i was singing SS501 songs xDDD ok so the […]

생일축하해요, 김형준 <3<3<3

yo minna-san so guess what… Today it’s the Birthday of our Baby, Kim Hyung Joon of SS501 aka my Soulmate and since i didn’t celebrate Kim Hyun Joong aka my Hubby’s Birthday, which was 6 June, cos i was busy with preparing my exams 😦 i decided to post this post for 2 BIRTHDAYS, a […]

A Bit of Everything and so…

yo minna-san well i know im kinda absent here and i know i need to update stuffs but i’m kinda addicted to my new hobby, which im gonna tell you guys later first is kpop time ^^ so in my previous post i said things about KHJ or in long Kim Hyun Joong, the leader […]

Soybean Drink!!!

yo minna-san so, well… this post is just about my fav drink now ^^ and it’s, as you can see in the title, SOYBEAN DRINK!!!! before after >_< and yesterday i made a wallpaper of my fav person evaaaah, Kim Hyung Jun (but Kim Hyun Joong is still my hubby, Kim Hyung Jun is my […]