after 3 months of hiatus…

yo minna-san i know… it’s been 3 months that i updated my blog and therefor i appologize to all the visitors *bows* and i also missed my 2nd Anniversary of my blog FML TT so ok these times i’ve been busy like: school started begin September, a lot of homework -> senior TT, drawing lessons, […]

Irashai HachiGatsu!!!

yo minna-san guess what it’s August and so it’s time for a new Header and Background as promised ^^ ok so idk but lately i’m being such a Fangirl of KHJ or in long Kim Hyun Joong and that’s all becos of B-chan xDDD but it’s a good thing cos it’ summer vacation so that […]

New Header!!!

yo minna-san well it’s time for a new header xD and tis time it’s SS501’s time xD cos this month i’m gonna have a SS501 Persona Live Concert DVD *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah* the header looks like this i know this header looks cold but that’s good so i don’t have it too hot here xD and my […]

Cosplay Arrived!!!

yo minna-san ok i know it’s been a looooooooooooooong time that i updated, but i didn’t have time to do that. you know homework and such ==’ and i was a bit lazy =w= srry so ok this post is gonna be like super duper long~ ( i think XD, cos i’ve got a lot to […]