the latest songs~

yo ^^ i’m here again. for this post i actually wanted to post a lot of songs BUT one problem was they weren’t “recent” more like 4 month old :c so that will be an other section xD

MIA 2011

yo minna-san ok so ok this post was supposed to be posted previous week, but i didn’t have time (= school work) so yeah this post is also about something that had have past for like 2 weeks xD the convention that i already have referred in my previous post (i think xD) so yeah […]

Happy New Year!!!

yo minna-san so today it’s New Year, that means partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! although i didn’t go out with friends instead i spent my new year with my family and we ate together at home. i helped in the kitchen to prepare the stuffs that we made. it was very good i was very stuffed too many food. […]