MIA 2011

yo minna-san ok so ok this post was supposed to be posted previous week, but i didn’t have time (= school work) so yeah this post is also about something that had have past for like 2 weeks xD the convention that i already have referred in my previous post (i think xD) so yeah […]

Sashiburi desu ne~

yo minna-san it’s really really been a long time that i’ve posted something (wow one month ago was my last post oops) well you know i was busy with school and if not i was too lazy to write something down sumimasen minna >_< well let’s start at the beginning (that’s around end August) i’ve […]

New Addicted Song For Me >_<

yo minna-san ^^ today i became a fanof 2PM   sumimasen but i’m a new fan so i don’t know who’s who (can some one help me!!!!) the song that i love and my first one is the cf of “anycall Corby” with mv “My Color”   i found them while i was searching which group […]

Long Time No See >_<

hi minna-san it’s been a while so i thought why not a post coz i’ve got some time. to tell you the truth previous week i’ve been plurking the whole  time. i was addicted to it >_< but it can’t be helped. so previous week my mom and i bought drama’s online like “you’re beautiful”, […]