Sleepover 2011

yo minna-san well this weekend i went to a sleepover and it was awesome and nostalgic since 1 year ago i went to my sleepover and also so i started to have lots of friends :333 well this time they’re not the same people that were on the previous one so i’m the only person […]

Paris, i want to go back…

yo minna-san well as promised today my review about my trip to Paris xDDD well ok this time our main reason to go to Paris was to eat, cos we’ve been there already4 times and we’ve seen everything we wanted to see xDD ok so remember previous year that i went to a restaurant called […]

Selfmade Cosplay + B-chan random stuff

yo minna-san well today i decided to make my own cosplay and by own cosplay i mean a selfmade one xDD and i think it kinda succeeded xDD well it’s Ashura from RG VEDA xDD for the people that don’t know him/her (Ashura is Genderless) this is Ashura (on the left) well yeah why not […]

news, news, NEWS!!!

yo minna-san well my friend just made a blog on blogspot and i just wanted to report it through my blog xDDD so she’ll be motivated to blog more xDDD her link is and she’s totally Lee Hong Ki fan (LHK from FT ISLAND) xDDDD so let’s all support her ^^ annyeong~~~