Pokemon Black

yo minna-san so ok as the tittle says, this post is about Pokemon Black ^^ i know normally i don’t do game reviews, but that’s because i restarted to play games again xDDD and yeah this time i lent my bro’s Pokemon Black cos i never played it and was kinda curious how it looks […]

Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 1000%

Yo minna-san well no so long ago i started a new anime called “Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love 1000% ” and i love it!!! “Uta no Prince Sama” is originally an otome game that is published by Brocolli in 2010. i think because of the success they had, it’s turned into a manga and […]

Starry Sky <3

yo minna-san as promised i’ll wil be telling you guys today about Starry Sky, my current addiction >_< Game: Starry Sky Developer: HoneyBee Year: 2009 Publisher: HoneyBee Genre: Otome Game, Simulation, Romance Platform: Windows, PSP the game is about a girl who goes to a school that is specialized in astronomy. this school was originally […]

First and probably the Last one of December XD

yo minna-san so now we are in the month of snow,cold… in other words December XD talking about snow, it snowed in the end of November. i didn’t exspect snow this early. normally it’s always mid December that it begins to snow but this year i guess not XD btw if you didn’t noticed it […]

F.A.C.T.S. 2010~

yo minna-san so yesterday i went to my second manga convention (well actually there are only 2 manga  convention in 1 year XD) and it was amazing. my friend and i made a deal that my dad drove us to the trainstation at 7:30 AM and that his dad drove me back home. so i […]