Hiyaa guys, as you probably know, this blog isnt very active but no worries, i began to blog again, but started anew with an different blogging platform. so be sure to visit me there~ well if you want ^^ i’m not gonna make you go there~ also i’m still keeping this blog cause this is […]

Chance to win a VIXX cd~~~

Hi viewers, this is JoJo and with this message I would like to share you a link by clicking this link people can help me to make a chance to win a cd of VIXX, which I’m currently really fond of xDD so thanks for the clicking, IF YOU CLICKED ON IT! and if you didn’t, […]


yo everyone since i’m lazy (again) cause it’s now like 3AM. i’m just holding it short. this summer i’ve been drawing a lot and guess what they’re kpop idols since i got a little bit tired of drawing anime.

the latest songs~

yo ^^ i’m here again. for this post i actually wanted to post a lot of songs BUT one problem was they weren’t “recent” more like 4 month old :c so that will be an other section xD