the latest songs~

yo ^^

i’m here again. for this post i actually wanted to post a lot of songs BUT one problem was they weren’t “recent” more like 4 month old :c so that will be an other section xD

first of i wanna introduce you to one of my favorite bands and also that of b-chan’s xDD they are badass, rockers, rappers… they are B.A.P!!!!! (more information will be announced later in the post: “rookie groups”) their latest song is “NO MERCY” they’re really different from the other kpop boybands that i know. which make them special ^^

the song is very addicted!


next group that recently made a comeback was Super Junior!! now that Kangin has returned, our leader Teukkie has gone to the army to do his duty together with Heechul who’s been there for 1 year already :c

they made their comeback with 2 new songs: “Sexy, free and Single” and “SPY” both very good and very catchy


next group that’ll be introduced is AOA (Ace of Angels), a rookie group from FNC entertainment (also that from FT ISLAND and CN BLUE) this time it’s a girl group that they gathered (more information will come in the post: “rookie groups”) they debuted with the song “ELVIS” the song is ok, it’s not really what i expected, but still good ^^


next one is definately one of my fav rookie group: TASTY!! (more information will come in the post: “rookie groups”) they debuted with “you know me” a very catchy song, with a beat!!


still 3 to go after G-DRAGON that made a comeback with “one of a kind”

this MV is very weird!!! the music is ok, but very catchy.BUT that MV! WHY GD, Y??!! you ‘ve got like spaghetti on your hair and that color of your hair :c i thought “naaah, the color can’t be worser than that pink he had” guess it can and don’t misunderstand me, i like GD ^^ but i really don’t like GD’s hair, darn you stylists of GD


ok next one is very famous around the world, he had contact with Justin Bieber’s company, that guy is PSY! he released “Gangnam Style” a really funny, EPIC MV!!! even my friends that don’t listen to kpop know this song and they even love it xD


it’s a “Beautiful Night” says BEAST. yes, that’s right they’re back with their 5th mini album, after long waiting!!! it’s not my favorite song, but still good. from their new mini album my favorite song is “not me” and “midnight”


and finally the last group for today is TEEN TOP with “be ma girl” it’s their 3rd collab with BRAVE SOUND! the MV is good, very happy, summer-ish, boys meeting girls… aah soo cute x33


well that’s for today ^^ see you next time~



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