Graduated and entrance exam~

yo everyone ^^

so i know it’s been a long time but guess what i graduated from high school!!!! so for this special event my mom brought me to the hairdresser for doing my hair ^^

the hairdresser put a piece of extensions in with lots LOTS of hairpins!!!! it hurt a lot then, but guess the idiom is right “who wants to be pretty, must have had pain” (dutch idiom)

so on your right side you’ll see a picture of it, sadly you can’t see it very clearly since my hair is dark and there wasn’t enough light :c

i also took a picture… well my mom did xD of one of my best friends ^^ i’ve known her for like more than 10 years it’s soo sad that we have to deparate our ways like this, but luckily she doesn’t live very far from me :p

ok so next subject is my entrance exam for fashion, which i failed OF COURSE!!!

i thought it was going to be fun, but guess it wasn’t since all the people that i saw there were or from an artschool or they have been practising very long~

i’ve been drawing 15 drawing in 2 days!!! on the first day i drew constantly (from 9AM till 5:30PM, without food) so that day i drew 13 drawings, i was sick of it!! the next day i drew 2 with watercolors. the deadline was till 12PM then we needed put our portfolio and our works on the table to present it and leave. we returned at 6PM, for results i didn’t pass, i already know that :c when we returned to get our portfolio, the drawings which we worked soo hard on it, were gone. those teachers took it away :C luckily i took pictures of it ^^

so i failed for fashion so now i’m subscribed for interior design and begin september i’ll be having a week lesson of introduction ;3


so that’s about it for my graduation and future plans, see you soon ^^

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