Selca’s and make up stuff

yo minna-san,

well for this post it’s gonna be something new. as the title itself says, it’s about make up and selca’s xD

NOTE: i didn’t wear my contacts so i was blind xD

the first one is inspired on Alice in Wonderland. my friend had invited me to a party with the theme Alice in Wonderland. so what i wanted to be was the Hatter, my favorite character in the book. so i went there as the female Hatter. i drew a heart, a diamond, a clover and a spade in black and white.

and this was the result! (see the picture on the right —>)

the next few picture are kpop inspired (well i found some youtube tutorials for these xD)

the first one is inspired on Wonder Girls’ Yubin. it’s a style that is simple and quick. and since i liked the tutorial, cause there isn’t much work on and i only have few make up stuff. this was very easy and i use it also quiet often. (for picture, see on your left side <—)

the same goes for KARA’s Goo Hara’s make up tutorial xD it’s very easy and you only need white eyeshadow, black and white eyeliners. but that’s only for the eyes, you can also put some foundation on so your skin looks more light. (the picture on the right —>)

the last kpop inspired look is that from MBLAQ’s Lee Joon in the music video “Cry”
i really like what Lee Joon had as make up. this is also found on youtube.
(the picture on the left <—)
though this make up was hard to do, i couldn’t get my make right on the two sides.
the next few pictures are selca’s

this one (on the left) was a shock to me! after i put my new geo green lenses (i’ll tell you more in another post about it xD) and searched for some Ulzzang make up tutorial, i didn’t recognize myself xDD

i was saying the whole time: “is this REALLY me?!”

this is also one of my favorite pictures that i have i’m mesmerized by myself xDD i didn’t think i would look like this with make up xD

the next picture is one of my first attempt to work with make up xD it’s kinda silly how i pose on those pictures :p (on the right —->)

this just some random using eyeliner and foundation xDD

the next one and also the last one is this one (on the left <—) . the day before i wanted to see how i look with curls and searched on youtube how to curl your hair without heat! and so i did the experiment and this is the outcome.

my mom said that i look like an Ajjuma  (=old lady in Korea) xD

well i think on this picture that my curls did work fine, but after i combed it, all my curls were gone ;_; so this is a picture before i combed my hair and i also put some make up on xD

well this is the end, i’m afraid. but no worries i’ll be posting more ^^

(this post was exspected to come out after my exams, but i didn’t want to study so i made this post ^^ i really should go study ;_;, still have 5 exams left! HWAITING~~~)



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