Cosplay and accesories and stuff xD

yo minna-san

i’ve been working on cosplays and stuff xD
and these are the results ^^

my monster sweater, which is inspired by B1A4’s song Beautiful Target ❤

it all began when i was stalking allkpop xDD and i saw that the B1A4 boys did a live performance on m! countdown or something else xD

and their sweaters were the first thing the i recognized!!! i fell in love! with SWEATERS xDDDD!!!!
so that day i also made a sweater!!! and it was a lot of fun!!

i love this sweater sooo much ❤

 next is my cosplay that i was working on ^^ this is my end result! do you like it?

this is Ashura from RGVEDA, a manga from CLAMP, my fav mangaka ever!!!

as you can see my sword is completely finished ^^ and i cosplayed this at F.A.C.T.S. 2011

i was on that con and it was the first time i was asked soo many times to pose for pics xD

next is a new accesory that i made is the Cardcaptor Sakura wand for my… guess what… my Cardcaptor Sakura’s Sakura Kinomoto cosplay x3

 this is made of foam, acryll paint (pink and gold), gouache (red), carton and tubes

it took me 4 or 5 days to finish it and i’m very happy that this is the result ^^

now i’ve got everything: wand, wig, clow cards… only the clothing is missing TT

next up: Wigs!

 ok, so this was supposed to be a long wig, but i gave it a haircut , so that it will become a sakurawig, but there’s something wrong with my wig and idk what…

oh wells i’m just gonna leave it like that xD

the next wig is my nex platinum wig xD

it was supposed to be used for my Len Kagamine from Vocaloid cosplay, but it’s too platinum so it’s kinda useless now xD

but i’m probably using this wig for my other cosplay: princess Zelda from “The Legend of Zelda”

i love that game ❤

next is my cosplay for Japan Expo, which is this Saturday ^^

i’m gonna cosplay one of my old cosplay… well actually this was my first cosplay ever xDD

this is Setsuna Sakurazaki from Negima!

well i hope someone does recognize me xD

and on that same day i’m just gonna wear off my wig and walk there like a schoolgirl xDD

the last picture is RANDOM xDDD

i was bored so this is what it will become when Mangafanatic becomes bored xDD

me as Mr. Mustachio xD

well that’s it for today xDD

i hope you liked my post ^^ and stay tune for more !!!


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