after 3 months of hiatus…

yo minna-san

i know… it’s been 3 months that i updated my blog and therefor i appologize to all the visitors *bows* and i also missed my 2nd Anniversary of my blog FML TT

so ok these times i’ve been busy like: school started begin September, a lot of homework -> senior TT, drawing lessons, theater, cosplay…

but now it’s holiday and tomorrow it’s HALLOWEEN!!!! which i’ll be celebrating with my lovely visitors and friends x33

but today it’s gonna be about my new background and header x33

so lately i’m kinda addicted to Cardcaptor Sakura (was reading the manga xDD) and i love it too much xD

so guess what… yup my header is Cardcaptor Sakura with Sakura and Syaoran x33 those two are sooo cute :3

my background is just a halloween-ish background that i found on the net xDD

ok so that was it for today tomorrow i’ll make it even more exited xDD

byebye till tomorrow (if i’m not to lazy) xDD



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