MNet! M! CountDown

yo minna-san

so today i woke up very early… you wanna know why??? well it’s becos i wanna see the Live Stream of M! CountDown which was on facebook

so the show was at 10AM and i went to bed at 5AM TT so not much sleep, but hey guess what those peeps got the time wrong, it was at 11AM and i was like O.o ooh wells gonna sleep further xDD

and so the show was at 11AM xDDD and i watched it ^^ i freaked out when i saw Yesung’s hair sooo smexy *drools* and i was like to b-chan “c’mon come watch it” she: “why should i?” me: “cos i’m watching it (a)” so yeah in the end i didn’t succeed to let b-chan to see it TT

well ok so next is new drama: today i started to watch a new drama named “my name is kim sam soon” i like the drama cos it’s about food and love and Hyun Bin is in it!!!

currently i’m having some ponytails in my hair with wet hair so the next day i let them out i’ve got curlies ^^

wanna see how i look like xDDD

well that’s all folks



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