Sleepover 2011

yo minna-san

well this weekend i went to a sleepover and it was awesome and nostalgic since 1 year ago i went to my sleepover and also so i started to have lots of friends :333

well this time they’re not the same people that were on the previous one so i’m the only person that was from the previous sleepover + the host xDDD

and we were waiting them in town and after then took the bus to the host’s house. but on our way there, there was this old lady that was smoking and 2 friends were sitting there on the bench, suddenly that old lady came to them and began to talk, after she left one of my friends ran to us xDDD and so the other one sat there and that old lady went to him again and began to talk like: “oow you’re a guitarist, right?” and he: “yeah…” and suddenly she began to touch his hair and put it behind his ears and said: “see, this is better, now you look more handsome” everybody was thinking “ok what happening here???”

after then we had our bus and that old lady went away xDDD so that was really really strange.

after then we talked, played soccer, gamed (guitar hero), played games like cluedo, labyrint, who is it… and went to bed at 5AM, but still talked with us 4 (since the host already fell asleep xDDD)

one of our friend needed to do his ramadan and so he, an other friend and i ate a midnight snack xDDD the next day we woke up at 12PM xDDD and did some random stuff xDD and i was like “hey, let’s take a group pic xDDD, but 2 people were missing, they say that they bring back the games, but were long way gone xDD who know’s what they did *smirk*

and also my friend brought his malasian coffee xDDD

the taste was sweeter than normal coffee :33 and i know on the pic it looks like chocolate milk xDDD

and also we did a group pic again, but this time with us all xDDD

and after the 3rd time we finally got the best pic of them all xDDD

and so here is the group pic ^^ xDDD

i had lots of fun today ^^

byebye ^^


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