Pokemon Black

yo minna-san

so ok as the tittle says, this post is about Pokemon Black ^^ i know normally i don’t do game reviews, but that’s because i restarted to play games again xDDD

and yeah this time i lent my bro’s Pokemon Black cos i never played it and was kinda curious how it looks like ^^


well like all the other pokemon games, is black the same xDDD you have your first pokemon, which is Tepig, Snivy or Oshawott. your childhoodfriends are your rivals and battle you from time to time. you need to complete your pokedex and battle gym leaders to receive badges, which are 8 and then so to defeat the Elite Four and bla bla bla xDD that’s how pokemon works xDDD



this on the right is you. you may choose to be a girl or a boy

you’ll be one of hte two. those two don’t come out at the same time and i mean like in the same game the other one that you didn’t choose will be neglected (i know it sound horrible, but that’s life)



well these two are yourf childhood friends and their name are:

the boy’s called Chenren and th Girl Bianca

they take the pokemon the you didn’t choose, so like if you pick Oshawott, Bianca ‘ll take Tepig and Chenren Snivy and so on xD so in other words, the girl takes the weak pokemon against you and the boy takes the more effective pokemon.

i like Chenren, he has a look that makes me attractive to him xDDD


starter pokemon

the pokemon on the top is Tepig and it’s a fire type
on the left it’s the grass type, Snivy
and on the right side it’s Oshawott, the water typ
well i choose Oshawott, cos he’s cute x333
well i’m not far, but already have 1 badge and have 3 pokemons ^^
Oshawott, Purrloin and Pensear ^^
well that’s kinda a bit about pokemon xDDD
byebye ~~~

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