Daily stuff

yo minna-san

well today i went shopping with my whole family at 4PM xDDD (cos well yeah i’m gonna tell you guys a secret and here it is: I WENT TO BED AT 4AM AND WOKE UP AT 3PM xDDDD)

ok well so today i went shopping as i was saying xDDD and i bought a Headphone (what?! again you’ve got one right???) well let me answer this question since i didn’t say it here ^^ well there was a night that i was making my carrot plushie (remember?) and i actually cut in my wire of my headphone (stupid right TT) well yeah i had music in one ear and was totally depressed for 2 days TT

but now it’s all good cos i ‘ve got a new one and will be like extra careful about this one ^^

it’s a “URBANEARS” and i totally love this one cos it’s GREEN *O* (you know SS501 = GREEN xDDD)

so yeah this is the box ^^ and after opening the box ^^

the Headphone self looks like this ^^

it has a heart form xDDD

and i really love it sooo pretty *o*

i even received a book about why they call it “URBANEARS” and stuff like the different colors and models xDD i really love this book <33

this is the book that i received ^^

ok so next subject is about my own selfmade cosplay ^^

well as you know i’m cosplaying Ashura for the upcoming convention (i think xDDD) and so now i’ve got my armwarmers and legwarmers so in short my clothes are ready all it’s left is my accesories ^^

pics below ^^

well that’s for today ^^

bye bye


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