Paris, i want to go back…

yo minna-san

well as promised today my review about my trip to Paris xDDD

well ok this time our main reason to go to Paris was to eat, cos we’ve been there already4 times and we’ve seen everything we wanted to see xDD

ok so remember previous year that i went to a restaurant called “Yuan” well we went there again and for the people that don’t remember

this is the link to refer to the restaurant ^^:

well yeah this time we went there for the buffet xDDD and this is one of the dishes that i took ^^ (left above)

then the second day we went to Paris centrum to the famous “Gallerie Lafayette” it was beautiful *O*

i felt like i was in a theater with all those balconies and the lights (the 2 pictures on the right side, right picture)

and then i saw this wonderful jacket with a “K” on it *smirk* yup that’s right Kim Hyun Joong, later if i’ve got a kid i’m gonna let him wear this, even if it’s a girl xDDDD

the next things we saw, was a “Mona Lisa” picture where you can put you head and be the Mona Lisa xDDD

my brother did it and it looked like this xDDD Mona Lisa remembers me of the recent song of  MBLAQ “Mona Lisa” xDDD that’s why i call this pic “Mona Filip” xDDD (the right picture of these 2 next these texts)

the other picture is a table that was put very elegant and i loved it so i took a picture of it xDDDD especially how that doll is sitting there, SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

after we left “Gallerie Lafayette” we went to our next stop “ZenZoo Bubble Tea” and on our way to the shop, we stopped in front of Apple Store xDD

it was a huge Apple Store and DANG forgot to take a pic of it TT well yeah the internet was free there so me and my bro checked out some stuff like Facebook and Allkpop xDDDD well yeah no one saw us doing that, cos there was lots of folks there xDDD

and ok after getting out there, which was tough to get out xDDD we went further and the ZenZoo shop was closed, we were sad, but there was a note left, that there’s an other ZenZoo Shop near this one. we were inspecting the map and went there. and on our way, there was this cute shop where they sell t-shirts of japan, they were soo cute, but also sooo exspensive TT  so we got out and that time i also forgot to take a pic of that shop TT (damn why do i still forgot to take pictures TT)

oow well after arriving there, we had our ZenZoo bubble tea (mmmm was soo refreshing) and then i suddenly saw my mom’s sticker “Kiss Kiss” i was like “OMG, Kim Hyun Joong – Kiss Kiss!!!!” i freaked out!!! xDDD

i asked my mom not to throw it away and she ripped it off for me, is’t she nice ^^?


well after then we went to the “Japan in France” the “Rue Sainte Anne” this street was a japanese street xDDD we went to a gallerie and there was this restaurant that we saw previous year, but didn’t go in then. well this time we got in. this restaurant is called “Little Seoul” it’s a restaurant opened by a korean guy ^^ and yeah we ate korean food ^^ which was yummy. this first dish (next to the pic of Little Seoul) were gyozas, i don’t know how they’re called in korean, but in japanese i’m pretty sue it’s gyozas ^^

then we’ve had Kimbap, which is korean sushi xDDD then our main dish was a boll of rice with kimchi, veggies and meat. it was pretty much to eat it and trust me i’m a big eater and i was very stuffed then

after we get out,i made a joke “mom, we’ve been in seoul! xDD”

well then we went to my main thing why where in Paris: Junku bookstore ^^ and there i bought my japanese books ^^

Kumon Kanji and a note book for my kanjis, i needed to buy them 2 times cos my friend i’m doing japanese with also need them

and at first i was searching for a second one i couldn’t find it and so i asked the people that worked there and he couldn’t find it either TT so i went downstairs where the mangas were, but didn’t buy any mangas xDDD but what i saw was, i think, a Starry Sky artbook, but yeah didn’t buy it, cos i was not sure + it was exspensive TT

after then we went to chinatown (13th Arr.) and suddenly i saw “Musica” it was a shop i met in MIA and rushed to it xDDD

there i was in heaven together with my bro xDDDD we bought 2 posters: one of “B2ST – Fiction and Facts” which my bro is a fan of. yup he’s a B2UTIE xDDD and the other one is my “Kim Hyun Joong – Break Down” Poster <3<3<3

we also bought, well i bought a SS501 bag!! and i love it sooo much it’s sooo beautiful *O* and my bro bought a bracelet of B2ST  xDDD

well that was it i guess for Paris, but don’t worry we’re also going to Dusseldorf for some other food (omg we’re such foodfreaks xDDDD, but it’s ok to be yourself, right?)

byebye ^^


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