Best News Ever!!!!!!!

yo minna-san

well today i’ve seen the best news ever!!!!

why you ask???? well there was one part that i totally love *bloodloss* and that is that Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 aka my hubby was on tv!!!!! *kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*

and guess what? i filmed that part *bloodloss again*

so here it is ^^

ok you’ll hear me talking and kinda screaming xDDD

well that’s kinda today’s news

and tomorrow i PROMISE that i’ll write about Paris (has already started) ^^

and ow yeah DSP Entertainment is making a new group called… believe me it’s sad TT SS502

i mean omg they’re a Group of 7 members and called SS502 it makes me cry TT that’s why i call SS502: Sad Singers 5 members + 2 members xDD

i mean SS501 has a reason why they’re called like that, SS501:SuperStar Singer 5 members united as 1 and SS502… no comment TT

that’s it!! they don’t even deserve a whole post msg about them TT

it’s sad that i put them together with my fav TT



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