Selfmade Cosplay + B-chan random stuff

yo minna-san

well today i decided to make my own cosplay and by own cosplay i mean a selfmade one xDD and i think it kinda succeeded xDD

well it’s Ashura from RG VEDA xDD for the people that don’t know him/her (Ashura is Genderless) this is Ashura (on the left)

well yeah why not i’ve got the wig that i used it for Gui from 1/2 prince xDD same for the elf ears xDDD

tho i didn’t start reading RG VEDA i already saw the OVA which was awesome, but it’s an old OVA xDDD and ashura is soo cute x333

well yeahs ok so this is my version x333 hope you like it ^^

ok so the next subject is some random information about my best chatpal that alsways leaves me for sleepovers xDDD named B-chan xDDD our Mal x3333

well first thing is:

  • B-chan fell for her Character: Tatsumi that is ACTUALLY A GIRL, so she fell for a GIRL xDDDDD
  • B-chan loves PJM (Park Jung Min) of SS501
  • B-chan says that every person (she doesn’t know who) she’s talking to is weird xDD
  • B-chan thinks she’s ugly, but she isn’t
  • B-chan is a proud TRIPLE S and member of the german group of Triple S xDD
  • B-chan says she always hates me, but she actually likes me a lot, like A LOT
  • B-chan and i always chat about boners and stuff xDDD
well that’s all that came up in my mind xDDD

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