everyday time…

yo minna-san

well after a few posts of a bit of everything, i decided to do a weekly check up xDD

well i was bored and decided to cosplay. well i recosplayed Setsuna Sakurazaka from Negima! xDDD (on the left) and yeah have now a wig that’s long enough xDDD

and the other one is an attempt of Tsubasa Amaha (younger version) xDDD well only missing the wig xDDD but for the rest xDDD nothing special xD

and the mystery of the day was… the thing that got stuck in my printer, which i didn’t know till today xDDD 

so ok my printer kept having probs and i was like Noooooo printer!!!!! you need to be ok so i can print pics out for as school starts xDDD (selfish right TT) and so today i was searching for the cause xDD and i found it!!!

this was the cause of my printer TT

yeah it’s a thumb nail that got stuck into my printer TT i was looking as hell in my printer and didn’t find something TT and …

suddenly saw something red and i touched it and it moved so that was the thing that didn’t fit in my printer xDDD

next thing is a folder that i got from Paris… well ok Paris Review is coming either tomorrow or Sunday xDDD

this is a folder of Shori no Akuma, which ‘m definately gonna buy, since i love the manga (already read it online, am up to date)

and it got 3 volumes, so that’s ok ^^

next and last subject of today is Drawings xDDD

well made 2 drawings of UtaPri and one of them is kinda messed up TT (the right one)

so ok the right one is Haruka and Tokiya in stage uniform xDDD and left one is Otoya and Tokiya in school uniform xDDD

but don’t worry i’m drawing them all (6 bishies) xDDD it only needs time xDD to get ready xDDD

well that’s all for my post today ^^








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