Koizora The Movie

yo minna-san

ok lately i realised that i’m kinda only posting Kpop stuff and such but ok there are now 3 posts (incuding this one) that is actually about anime and movie and such xDDD and there’s 1 other post about nailart and such xDDD

so as the tittle itself says, this post is about the most famous Mobilephone Novel in Japan called “Koizora”. “Koizora” is a story about a high school girl called Mika (the writer). her love life started all when she lost her phone somehere in school. as she found her phone in the libary, a mysterious boy called her and they started to talk everyday. when school started they promised to meet eachother. when Mika saw that it was Hiro, a silver haired boy that’s kinda a gangster, whom she’s afraid of, she ran away. but she realise that Hiro is actually a very nice boy and they started to date and together they try to solve their problems.the rest… well i think everyone have heard of “Koizora” ^^but still few days ago i watched the movie and now i’m making a review of it wow it’s been a long time since i made reviews :o, but don’t be afraid there will come more reviews after this one ^^ ok so let’s start!!!


  • Yui Aragaki: Mika Tahara
  • Haruma Miura: Hiroki Sakurai
  • Keisuke Koide: Yu Fukuhara
  • Karina: Minako Sakurai
  • Haru: Aya
  • Aoi Nakamura: Nozomu

the movie starts with the Mika in the present, that is on her way to go home. when she saw a family passing her, she thought about the past. then there’s a flashback of 7 years ago, when she just entered High School. Aya, her friend, decided to confess to Nozomu, her crush. and they went together to see where he was. after waiting they decided to return to their class, but as soon they return, Aya saw Nozomu and was happy. Nozomu stood in front of Mika and asked to exchange numbers. Aya came between them and said that she like to exchange numbers with him. Mika decided to leave and bumped on Hiro.

as school finished, Mika couldn’t find her cellphone and Aya helped. at the end Mika went to the libary and found it there.

the phone was ringing and she piked up, thought it was Aya, but heard a voice of a boy and asked who he was, but he keeps telling her that it’s a SECRET. that boy even deleted all Mika’s numbers. as soon Mika became interested who that guy was and talks to him everyday (since it was summer vacation) she keeps asking the guy who he was, but he just said SECRET~~ and then Mika asked how he looks like. he described himself.

they talk and talk and talk and when the boy said to look outside, Mika realises it was already morning. he asked her to look outside. there she saw a smoke trail. the boy asked her to take a picture of it as proof that they spent the night together.

the last day of the vacation, Mika’s parents had a fight and so she went to her room and talked to the boy. when the boy heard that Mika was sad, he sang the happy birthday song for her. then she laughed and the boy suggested to meet eachother before the commencement.

as Mika asked Aya’s help to wear make-up. Aya asked if she really want to meet him, what her answer was that his voice was eally soft and nice. Mika went to the place that they planned to meet. then Hiro came and saw her. she was scared and look away, but Hiro gave her flowers and she was shocked that she couldn’t believe it. then Hiro showed her the Smoke Trail on his phone, where Mika ran away.

after school Mika saw Hiro going somewhere and followed him. she saw that he was planting the flowers so they can grow further. that was when Mika felt something for Hiro. Mika cut off classes to see Hiro and they went to Hiro’s house. there they met Hiro’s sister, Minako. as soon Mika and Hiro were in his room, they take a picture of them together, which ended being a horrible picture xDDD. they Mika had her first kiss and first time. when she left, Hiro his ex-girlfriend’s name, which made Mika kinda feel sad, but after all she still trusts Hiro.

then they planned a date. while Mika was doing her make-up, she got kidnapped and was also raped. therefor she was afraid to meet Hiro. then Mika stayed with Minako till Hiro came back with Saki, his ex-girlfriend, and gave her a punishment by cutting off her hair. soon it was schoolfastival and Nozomu and Aya became a couple.

Hiro took Mika to his favorite place and relaxed there together. but soon Mika got harassed by Saki and she felt uncomfortable. Hiro went to every class and wiped the chalk on the blackboard. he took Mika with him and they had sex in the libary.

then Mika wanted to talk to Hiro. when she said that she was pregnant of Hiro’s baby, he ran off. Mika waited and waited and decided to leave, but Hiro came in an gave her a present. they then go on the street stores (dunno how you’ld call it tho) and they bought a Couple Ring. and decided to meet their parents. Hiro’s parents agreed. for Mika’s parents, Hiro even Dyed his hair back to brown/black and asked for permission.

then Saki continues with her harassement and pushed Mika from the stairs, later that night on their date, Mika had lots of pain. they went to the hospital. when Mika woke up she asked if the baby was ok. her mom’s reply was that the baby is gone.

then she asked where Hiro was. her sister said that as soon he heard that the baby was in danger, he ran off. later Hiro came back saying he was praying all the time that the baby will be safe. Mika told him that the baby is gone. then they went to the place where the flower Hiro gave to Mika and put there a snowman and the gloves that were for the baby.

as soon their second year began. Mika tries to find Hiro, but he wasn’t a lot at school. then one day, Aya called her that there was a party at Hiro’s house and she went. when they were sleeping Nozomu kissed Mika and she pushed him away. she went to the bathroom and entered the room and saw Hiro kissing Aya.

she ran away. later hiro called Mika and said that he wants to break up! Mika couldn’t believe it and still doesn’t give up. she texted him that if he won’t be at his favorite place, then she’ll forget him. she waited. Hiro came and said that they’re now total strangers.

it’s 24th december, the day that Mika’s and Hiro’s child died. before whe went to the place, she went to Aya’s party. there she met Yu. after it was almost 11 she went out. as soon she came to the place, there was already a snowman and gloves. she thought that maybe Hiro was still in the neighbourhood and ran to search him. then she saw someone and screamed Hiro, thought it was Hiro, but it turns out to be Yu, waiting for her.

third year of high school was there and Mika has found her second love, Yu. Yu is a college student that helps Mika to study for the university.

as soon Mika heard her parents fighting and talking about a divorce, she went to Yu’s house and cried all night. the next day they went together to Mika’s house and saw there their pctures in pieces. they sticked them together and gave it to her parents and left.

then we’re back to the present and see Mika staring outside.

it’s already 24th december. Mika went to the place again and met Hiro. she asked why he wears a cap and he said that now that’s his style. Mika didn’t know why Hiro broke up with her and asked why. then he ran away, Mika ran after him and saw 2 ways, one to Hiro, the other to Yu. then she went to Yu.

on Mika’s last day, she went back to the libary and wrote on the blackboard “were you ever happy?” then she went to the place to graduate. after her graduation, she went back to the libary and saw a response “i was once very happy”

and so Mika started her college life together wth Yu. then on the next 24th december, Yu asked her to marry her. she said yes.

she went off to the place. when she wa there she saw Hiro and as soon he turned, it was Nozomu. Mika asked him why he was here. he answered that it’ll be him from of then. he said that Hiro requested him to do this. which also he said that Hiro has Cancer and might die soon.

Mika was shocked and stayed at that place for 1 hour and eventually Yu came to find her. Mika realises that she still loves Hiro and said to Yu she can marry him.

Yu being selfish said that she can’t leave, but eventually said that she need to leave,cos he wants that the woman he loves need to be happy and let her go.

Mika went to the hospital and saw Hiro. Hiro didn’t want to see her, so she can live happily. Mika said that she still loves Hiro and they reunited. Mika wears her ring that Hiro gave her. Mika brings Hiro every day a visit.

and also every day Mika goes to the Shrine to pray for Hiro. Hiro felt better and they went together to their school, to the libary. Mika took the blackboard out and Hiro said it was Mika that write that question. Mika then wiped the 2 last words (-shita, means the past of a verb) off the blackboard  and changed it to “-su” (present of a verb) Hiro and Mika went ot Hiro’s favorite place. there they picknicked. Hiro said he didn’t want to die.

in the hospital Hiro said that he wants to be the sky, so he can see Mika everywhere. which Mika answered that he’d be a stalker then and they both laughed. Hiro needed to check up and asked Mika to print the pictures on his camera out. as soon she came out from the shop, she got a call from Minako, that Hiro was in a critical condition and ran to the hospital. then she fell and saw the pictures.

she video called Hiro and said that he need to be ok till she’s there. as soon they finished calling, Hiro died. after the funeral of Hiro, Mika’s mom came into her room and said that

Minako had this book that was from Hiro that was meant for her. taking that book everywhere, she came to the bridge that was right about the favorite place of Hiro and wanted to suicide, but when she wated to climb up 2 whited doves flew up and her book fell on the page where Hiro drew her, the child and him and this whole book was actually about Mika.

then we’re back to the present seeing Mika coming off from the train and was been waited by her family that came to pick her up.


ok so that was the story with a lot of details xDD well now it’s my vision:


well i’m also reading the manga, but till where i read it, there are some differences i think if i’m not mistaken xDDD like they did let parts out like that those 2 friends that were together at the party of Aya, where Mika meets Yu, well those two are married in the manga, but actually i can’t go further cos i cant think of more, cos the manga isn’t completely scanned xDDDD


well i love this story, i mean it’s just like those Romance mangas (Sailor Moon, Alice 19th… where the boys want to protect the girl by breaking off)


for sadess i give it a 5/5 cos i cried sooo much (21 tissues xDDD, yeah i counted them xDDD) cos when i’m calming down, something sadder comes so i cry again xDDDD

ok, i don’t know anymore things xDDD so i’m gonna stop for today ^^


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