yo minna-san

well ok this post is gonna be about Cosplays. since i didn’t do much things about japanese culture and stuff (gomenasai)

ok let’s start!!

there’s gonna be a list for my cosplays xDDD

the first one is Len Kagamine Magnet Version, tho i’m almost finished with his cosplay xDD like i already have my headphone ^^ and gonna roll up my black tee so it looks sleeveless xDD and wearing a poofy black pair of pants xDD

so the only thing i need is a blonde wig and some black armwarmers xDDD for the rest i’ve got evrything i think (and no not gonna buy some green contacts, well ok maybe if i ve got money xDD)

my next cosplay thet i’m gonna talk about is one from bleach,  tho i don’t watch the anime and the manga in dutch is being slow i have actually no idea what he really is, but i do know that he’s a Arancar or how you ever write it  xD his name is Szayel Aporro Granz

i like him, cos he looks kinda wicked xDDD with his glasses and pinky hair xDD

well i posted this pic on facebook and received a lot of comments that he’s a fag TT and such. well people I WANNA COSPLAY HIM, YOU’VE GOT SOMETHING ABOUT THAT?

well i’ve nothing for this cosplay, so it’ll be long waiting xDD

the next is… Claude Faustus from Kuroshitsuji xDD well i choose this character, cos i saw too many Sebastians and i think: “why sebastian if claude is also smexy *smirk*” xDDD

soo yeah he’s also badass, i mean i didn’t exspect him to eat Alois soo fast xDDD

and i always fall for guys with glasses xDDD i mean look at him, soo sexy *smirk*

also for this cosplay i’ve got nothing xDDD

the next cosplays are Azusa Kinose, Yoh Tomoe and Kazuki Shiranui from Starry Sky, my ADDICTION!!!!

well i want to buy the cosplay (just the outfit) and if i need to coplay Yoh, i’ll wear a read wig and a red tie xDDD

if i wanna cosplay Kazuki, i’ll buy a blue tie and wear a grey wig xDDD

and if i wanna cosplay Azusa, i’ll buy a green tie and wear a black wig with bangs xDDDD

how easy is it xDDD?

and for now the one i only think of xDDD is Uta no Prince Sama’s Masato Hijirikawa *bloodloss*

i’m really into this new anime (review will come once i’m back home xDDD). he touched my heart, i’m soo for Masato x333

i really like him a lot, together with Ren and Tokiya

but i choose him, cos he’s not heartless like Tokiya tho Tokiya is a Cold type (hich i’m always for)

and Ren is a Playboy and i’m not that good to cosplay playboys xDDD i like quiet typs xDD

but just like tha others, i’ve got nothing yet for this cosplay  TT

well that was it for this post



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