Paris Here I come (AGAIN!) + nailart!!!

yo minna-san

so ok as the first part of my tittle says, i’m going to Paris again this year xDDD, but this time it’s main Paris, no Disneyland anymore xDDD

i’ll be leaving Monday til Wednesday, but don’t be afraid i’ll be updating my blog then too ^^

after i’m back i’m gonna write about it so no worries ^^

ok second part of my tittle ^^

ok i admit i LOVE nailart, i’m ADDICTED TO IT just like Lee Hong Ki xDDD

so ok this time my nailart is also my fangirling time xDDDD

cos this time my nailart has the theme SS501

see and i know 2 people will be jealous at it right? *smirk*

so ok that was it for today (yeah i know i’m kinda lazy, but it’s bcos it’s that i’ve been working on a big post and my fingers are about to crack xDDD)



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