Plushies and Fangirling on Youtube

yo minna-san

so today i was bored and did 2 things well actually 3 but that last one i’m gonna use an other post for xDDD : the first thing is making my other cute plushies and the second is fangirling on youtube and by that i was singing SS501 songs xDDD

ok so the first thing was as i said plushies xDDD

well this time i also finished Young Saeng oppa’s, Kyu Jong oppa’s and Hyung Joon oppa’s lil plushies xDDD

and this is Young Saeng oppa’s plushie


yup it’s a fish unless my art is soo bad that you guys think it’s something else xDDD

well why a fish??? well cos Young Saeng oppa is an Otter and they like fishes xDDDD so i fish xD

next up it’s Kyu Jong oppa’s Plushie xDD

well well well if it isn’t a banana xDDD Kyu Jong’s nickname is Gorilla and apes like bananas xDDD

and my last plushie is that of Hyung Joon oppa’s xDDD

aaah the lettuce, tho it looks like something else xDDDD so why lettuce??? well turtles like lettuce… ok my turtle is weird then O.o she doesn’t eat lettuce xDDD and i think you already guess what Hyung Joon’s nickname is xDDD

and no B-chan i won’t draw those eyes or do you want the pic that was my revenge to be on my post *evil laughter*

ok so now it’s photoshoot xD

look how my hubby is loved by those… food xDDDD


aaw now he’s burried <33

ok well next is my most epic part ever xDDD

this vid is me boring xDDD

so ok first vid is me singing SS501’s Because i’m stupid for BOF <333 aah how i miss that drama >w<

the next vid is me lipsyncing Kim Hyun Joong’s Please xDDD since i was too lazy to sing xDDD

ok so i hope you had fun reading this post




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