Super Junior – Mr Simple MV

yo minna-san

well as promised here is the MV of Super Junior – Mr Simple

well my personal thought are… hmm well yesung doesn’t sing a lot in this MV, i always thought he sings a lot, but it wasn’t so TT

and i love Eunhyuk’s Hair sooo much <3, heechul’s hair was… meeh my friend is obsessed with him and she hate his hair like that TT and i didn’t noticed Leeteuk, cos of his hair was up xDDD and kyuhyun was as cute as ever <3<3 for the  rest it was kinda the same as ever, but still nice ^^

well the song is kinda catchy and my friend (yesh the same friend as obsessed with heechul) is in south korea right now and she said that Mr Simple is everywhere. she hear it in every shop she goes xDDDDD

well that’s for this post


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