My Bone and Carrot

yo minna-san

well ok as you guys know i’ve got a new hobby and this time i made some other stuff than people plushies ^^ this time it’s Object that i’m making xDDDD like the tittle says it’s a bone and a carrot

well i guess we all wanna know why the heck a carrot and a bone O.o

well very simple! since i chat a lot with B-chan ( which wasn’t today TT) and she loves carrot just because Park Jung Min loves them xDDD and yeah i’m gonna meet up with her someday so i made a carrot for her and she already knows i’m making this for her xDDD

look it says Park Jung Min ❤ xDDDaaah Kim Hyun Joong is holding the carrot *o*

family pic xDDD

the bone xDDDD with ❤ Kim Hyun Joong on it xD

aaah *o*
Kim Hyun Joong is giving my his bone *o*

oow right why a bone? well simple Kim Hyun Joong is a dog in SS501 and i don’t think i need to make a picture of what dogs love xDD

aaah big family pic xDDD of Boney (yup that’s how i’m gonna call my bone XDDD), Carrotta xDDDD (dunno, just popped up in my mind xD), KHJ and me ^^



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