Irashai HachiGatsu!!!

yo minna-san

guess what it’s August and so it’s time for a new Header and Background as promised ^^

ok so idk but lately i’m being such a Fangirl of KHJ or in long Kim Hyun Joong and that’s all becos of B-chan xDDD but it’s a good thing cos it’ summer vacation so that means no homework so i can dream all day about him xDDD

so ok then i’ll guess you guys know already what my header will be xDD yup that’s right it’s KHJ <3333 *bloodloss*

ok so this pic is actually a pic of his advertising xDDD it’s from the advertising “The Face Shop” which Kim Hyun Joong is the person who represent this xDD

*watching the site* well now that i know he makes advertising for these things, it makes me wanna buy it, cos he uses it xD

and my background is… well it’s just aurora xDD well you know why i took this? well that’s becos i love those colors xDD no other reason xD

and for my avatar well what do you think it’ll be?

no it isn’t KHJ, cos i just thought: ‘hey, my blog used to be anime this, manga that and now it’s like only kpop this, kpop that” so i made it a little be anime-ish like ^^ by using one of my old drawings xDDD

well that’s this for this post ^^



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