A Bit of Everything and so…

yo minna-san

well i know im kinda absent here and i know i need to update stuffs but i’m kinda addicted to my new hobby, which im gonna tell you guys later

first is kpop time ^^

so in my previous post i said things about KHJ or in long Kim Hyun Joong, the leader of SS501 (or not if you didn’t read the previous post xDDD)

well lately i’m kinda bored, dunno what i can do and stuff xDDD

so i made a Look – a – Like bracelet of KHJ xDDD while doing the same pose xDDD

close up

and it’s been rumored that SS501, my fav kpop band ever, is gonna reunit next year *dances around till falling down* well that’s what B-chan told me xDDDD so let’s all trust Baby (aka Kim Hyung Joon) ^^

and also there are 3 reasons that i can’t wait it’s 2012

  1. SS501’s Comeback
  2. Meeting B-chan for the first time
  3. graduation which isn’t actually a good thing, cos then i need to think about later, what i’ll go do in university and such (cos idk what i’ll do)

but ok so that’s all for kpop xDDD

next is my newest hobby: Making Plushies!!!!

idk i think i’m really addicted to making plushies xDDD

so ok until now i already made 3 plushies xDD

an Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach

an Ayakashi from Nurarinhyon no Mago

and an Kim Hyun Joong <3<3

the first one is Ulquiorra Cifer

ok well i started like searching for tutorials for making plushies and i found one!

started to sew the parts and fill it in with stuff (socks xDDDD i know it’s weird but with what cna you fill it other then broken socks xDDDD)

after that it looks like this

well that’s the base of every plushie xDDD

after working on it in the night and next day i finished it xD now it looks like this and i gave it to my bro since he requested it xDDD

tadaah Ulquiorra Cifer from Bleach

the next one is less popular i think it’s Ayakashi from Nurarihyon no Mago which looks like this, but also this one i gave it to my other bro xD since he did a lot of effort to sew the parts on xDDD

ok so after 2 plushies, i decided to make one for myself xDDD KHJ which is my hubby so that’s why i made it xDDD

for KHJ i took more pics xD so you guys can follow XD

ok so i drew the eyes for KHJ

first i was like: “hmmmm??? what kind of eyes???” cos i don’t think real eyes drawn by my are pretty xDDD so i kinda searched it up and ended up with the kind of eyes Ulquiorra have xDDD

after that, i cut his hair out, but it’s still white cos i need to color it and this pic let me think of Koizora where Hiro has white hair, see the link of it xDDD

ok so after that, i color it and did a proof of how it looks like with niddles xD so now he looks like the statue of liberty xDDDD

meanwhile i was also chatting with B-chan from Bikachama (well ok we chat like every day xDDD so not soo special) and she got an iPhone and was very VERY happy and also she was doubting which pic she’ll put as background image xD duuh of course it’s from PJM or in long Park Jung Min xDD and she ended up with this pic

so after showing this pic, i opened my webcam and show her what my pic on my iTouch was xDDD aaah ~~~~~KHJ *bloodloss*

and we also gave each other new nicknames xDDD like for

B-chan it’s Mal, Horse, carrot, mrs Kirk, B-chan… xDD

and for me: Dog, shortie, mrs Kim, Mangafanatic, crzay fangirl… xDDD

ok so why those nicknames??? well for Dog, Shortie, Carrot,Crzay fangirl, mrs Kirk, Mrs Kim, Mal and Horse there’s an explanation xD

PJM loves Carrot, so she began to love Carrots and eat it every night xDDD, PJM’s nickname in SS501 is Horse cos he loves carrot and became tame if he has a carrot in his mouth xD and Mal bcos mal mean Horse in korean xDDD mrs Kirk is a combo of Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min, we took their last name and and melted together into KiRk xD

KHJ is the dog in SS501 so i’m the dog xDD, shortie cos i’m actually quite tall (1m80 or in inch i think 6 feet?) crzay fangirl cos i always chat about KHJ this, KHJ that xDDD, mrs Kim cos it’s a combo of Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Hyung Joon, but they have the same last name so xDDDD

ok so after our chat i succeeded to stitch the hair on it, but when i look at it, it was kinda short like this ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

so in the end i put pieces of extra hair xDDD now it looks like this xDD

and guess what i can undress him *ok now i really sound like a perv xDD*

so the next day( yoshi, my plushie is’t done yet xDD) we (as in B-chan and me) were taking about the Top10 most Pervy dance move which is a post on B-chans blog xDDD and once again i came as a cameo again xDDD

this thing beneath is the list xDDD that i made xDDD

so while we were posting, i thought: “hmmm? maybe a sixpack for KHJ *smirk*” and so now KHJ has a Sixpack, a detailed pair of pants xDDD

ok later i made some derpy pics xDD well like a comic xD

Mangafanatic thinks: ooh who is he? why is he shirtless?!

Mangafanatic thinks: oooooh sexy butt *smirk*Mangafanatic thinks: ooh it’s my Hubby *big FAT smirk* xDDD

ok so that’s for this post~~


2 thoughts on “A Bit of Everything and so…

  1. lmao . love ur post shortie.. you revealed our awesome nicknames ;DD love it . mhahaha xDDD so awesome your plushie.. hope u remember what u have to do `?XDD

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