MNet! M! CountDown

yo minna-san so today i woke up very early… you wanna know why??? well it’s becos i wanna see the Live Stream of M! CountDown which was on facebook so the show was at 10AM and i went to bed at 5AM TT so not much sleep, but hey guess what those peeps got the […]

Finished Ashura Sword!!!

yo minna-san today i finally finished my Ashura from RGVEDA sword *wohoooo dances, jumps in the air, does the pervy KHJ dancemove* srry xDD so this is the complete sword that i was making ^^ after today going to the store for golden paint xDDD now all that’s left is my accessories and i’ve got […]

Sleepover 2011

yo minna-san well this weekend i went to a sleepover and it was awesome and nostalgic since 1 year ago i went to my sleepover and also so i started to have lots of friends :333 well this time they’re not the same people that were on the previous one so i’m the only person […]