SS501 sticker

Yo minna-san

Well i know it’s been a long time but I didn’t have time to write stuff for my blog cos I was busy spending time with my friend. She stayed at my house and I needed to pay attention to her xD well after she left I needed to work on my cosplay for the weekend (more details are coming after this post xD)

Well so ok before my friend came to my place to stay over, I made a SS501 sticker for my laptop and it’s a chibi drawing xD

Why making it? Well I was bored and couldn’t go on the pc so I made it xD

First I was like “yaaay, gonna make it and stick it on my laptop *dances around* after making the sketch, I colored it in like this:


colored Kim Hyung Joon

colored Kim Kyu Jong

colored Kim Hyun Joong

colored Park Jung Min

colored Heo Young Saeng

the complete sticker xDD

p.s. the clothes that SS501 wears is from Snow Prince xD

then after sticking it on my laptop it always fell off ==’ so after some searching I found double sided tape and stick it on my laptop and guess what, I stick on it xD

so ok after dropping my friend in the morning at the station, I went to the store for my white fabric for my cape for Gui xDD you know the character that I’m gonna cosplay xDD

so that night I wasn’t working on my cape, but on my jacket that has turned into a vest xDDD

And then after that night I worked on my cape cos the next day I needed to be prepared to go to my friend’s house (cos her house was much closer than mine for the convention xD) … wait these stuff are normally for the next post xDDD so now you’ve got a preview of what’s gonna happen xDDD

Angeong <3<3

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