SS501 4 EVER!!!

yo minna-san

well it’s been more than one year that the contract of SS501 is been over TT and still SS501 is being strong and all for this year ^^ well B-chan, I and WHOLE TRIPLE S still hopes that the Members stay TOGETHER and make new songs like before… oow wait if you’re being confused well then i’ll start with the begining xD

SS501 is a kpop boyband that debuted in 2005 and consists of 5 members:

  • Kim Hyun Joong, known as Leader
  • Heo Young Saeng, known as Prince
  • Kim Kyu Jong, known as Center
  • Park Jung Min, known as Sexy Charisma
  • Kim Hyung Joong, known as Baby o Maknae

from Left to Right: Leader, Sexy Charisma, Prince, Center, Baby

until now they’ve brought korean and japanese songs out:

few famous Korean songs:

  • Snow Prince
  • Deja Vu
  • Warning
  • Find
  • U R Man
  • Love Ya
  • Love Like this
  • Please Be Nice With Me
  • Because I’m Stupid
  • Unlock

few famous Japanese Songs:

  • Kokoro
  • Lucky Days
  • Summer Blue

SS501’s contract expired in June 2010 at the company DSP Entertainment and they’re currently searching a new company, but in the meantime they’re doing solo promotions, except Kyu Jong.

first off was Jung Min with his album: “Not Alone”

and his MV also called “Not Alone”

he also brought an other album out called “The, Park Jung Min”

with an MV called “Like Tears are Falling”

and he made his album “The Park Jung Min” into a japanese version called “Wara Wara The, Park Jung Min”

then next that did a Solo was Hyung Joon with his album: “My Girl”

with 2 MVs:”Girl” and “Oh! Ah!”


“Oh! Ah!”

and an japanese album which only the MV came out (since i can’t find the song anywhere) called “Long Night”

the Third one that debuted as Solo was Young Saeng with his album: “Let It Go”

with his MV also called: “Let it Go”

and “Rainy Heart”

and at last Leader Hyun Joong with his Mini-album: “Break Down”

Hyun Joong has 3 MVs:”Please”, “Break Down” and “Kiss Kiss”


“Break Down”

“Kiss Kiss”

well let’s hope that they’re going to come quickly back as SS501 ^^

since SS501 is my First Kpop Group, First Boy Band, First Addiction, First group that i remembered all the names of the members, First Hubby…


well that’s it for this post



2 thoughts on “SS501 4 EVER!!!

  1. X333 . This post is just awesome :33 Hope i won’t get emotional like yesterday, you know I tweeted a lot of stuff . x3 I just Love all the 5 of them and I am so proud of them and also of me because I can call myself a Triple s . πŸ™‚ The post made me smile a lot . and (lol i’m getting emotional again) SS501 will always be important to me cuz , they’re not only an awesome band, but you can also feel their strong bond, and i’m sure it will never break :33
    oh and .. RAWR . sexy Charisma xDD I love it how you didn’t write “disband” like so many other ppl do :333

    • ikr xD
      yeah i know you even got me emotional. yeah me tooo ❀
      hehe well it's need to be cheerful right ^^
      uhu i know i believe in them too~~
      cos they never said DISBANDMENT in the beginning and i believe in them and also what they said <3<3<3

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