Previous Week stuff xD

yo minna-san

well i know it’s vacation and normally i should pay more attention on my blog, but yeah if you’ve got bro’s, chatpals, dramas, mangas and such then it’s kinda hard to write something on your blog, but now i’m making time especially for my visitors or in japanese they’re called Ogyaku-sama xD if i’m not mistaken xD

well this post is about PicxDraw, Nails, FanMade and purchased stuffs xD

first off is my PicxDraw of Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai or in short AnoHana xD i really love this Anime it’s very good and it made me cry. after this dra… anime i wanted more but yeah it’s always like that good stuff lives short TT

anyways this is my PicxDraw hope you like it ^^


ok next up the purchases ^^

so now i finally found Bleach 15 in the store and bought it ^^

and also while searching Bleach, i bumped on Tsubaki Love aka Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu 3 and SLH aka Stray Love Hearts 4 (still 1 vol left and it’s complete xD)

and also i asked my mom to buy me a Skullcandy xD as for the money for babysitting my bros and cleaning the house xD

so here’s my Skullcandy and i’m wearing it right now xD  it has a mic which i need and my mom is also gonna use it for skype xD

well nosw it’s nail time xD and this time i really really wanted to do a Yellow Cab from NY xD that means Yellow and Black xD tho it’s kinda almost the same as the previous one xD ooh well who cares xD

it looks like this xD

and at last it’s my FanMade pic xD

this time it’s Midnight Circus from Sunny Hill xD

hope you like it ^^

well that’s it for this post ^^ btw there is a new update for my Manga Collection xD feel free to look at it ^^



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