Sleepover <(^_^<)

yo minna-san

well ok it’s been a long time and i was actually neglecting my blog (Gomenasai!!!!!). the reason is that i was actually helping B-chan with her blog xD oow wells it’s finished so now i’m 100% back here ^^

so ok in my previous post i posted that i was at a sleepover well here are the things that we did xD

ok i was the second person to arrive at the sleepover xD the first person was this guy, he’s the famous kakashi from which i took a pic on MIA 2011 xD and guess what he’s on the pc ALL DAY LONG xD no seriously i mean it xD every time i saw him the laptop was near him xD

the person after me that came was my Oppa xD i call him oppa cos

1.  he’s older than me

2. he loves Kpop xD

well beneath you see him (the blonde dude xD)

well my friend you know her as well she came to my place a lot (2 times xD) and stays over xD well she was the last person that came that day xD here we were messing with Oppa’s hair xD

this was the result xD

the person after Oppa was actually a new friend xD i didn’t know him xD but we became friends fast and finally i was glad that i wasn’t the Maknae of the gang xD cos that guy was 10days younger than me xD (muhahahahahaha *smirk*)

dunno why he was lifting my sleeping bag xD

ok so yeah these guys (Oppa, Maknae, my Friend and my sistah (also a friend of mine xD)) went to sleep and guess what it was already  morning xD

and guess who was already on the pc xD

well Kakashi and i were the one that were awake, but then i slept more xD

ok it’s noon and Oppa took revenge xD he messed with the hair of my friend xD

later that day we went to drop my friend of to the station cos she needed to go home 😦 but she came back 2 days later xD

so after dropping her at the station we went to shopping since it’s sales xD

here Oppa was forcing “his shoes” xD well that day Maknae and Oppa decided to change clothes xD so Oppa was Maknae and Maknae was Oppa xD

ok so that night we picked up an other friend xD and went to the movies xD

we were fighting about which movie we wanted to see xD and it became “Bad Teacher” xD

ok so after the movie (12:15AM xD) we went to wait for the bus xD that came at 1AM xD after that at 2AM almost everyone was asleep except my Sistaah and the girl that came that day xD

my sistaah asked my while cleaning her glasses: “it’s a good movie he?” -no response- then she turns around and saw me sleeping xD she was like “what already sleeping xD”

ok then the last day (sunday) that day almost everone was gone 😥  Oppa, Maknae, the friend that came the day before and me 😥 :'(, but i went away in the night xD

first were Oppa and Maknae gone, but i said to take a pic at the last moment as a memory xD

after that the friend that came yesterday was dropped of at the station and my friend came back xD with her sister xD

we were making Omurice, but it became something different xD look how we enjoy cooking xD

in the meantime while we were eating the 2 sisters and I said that Kakashi and Sistaah look like a couple xD and we were their kids xD cos Sistaah still says that she looks like mom cooking for her kids and stuff xD

and i was the only one that wasn’t adopted xD cos i’m also an asian xD and the sisters aren’t xD

after that we watched dramas (finally!!!, cos it was supposed to call a dramanight xD) and on the last day we watched dramas xD) well it was a drama that brought with me xD Secret Garden <3<3 i love that drama soo much it’s my fav xD

wow see good the drama was xD ( one is sleeping -> lack of sleep xD and the other was being an ego xD) xD

well that was drama night xD or as i say sleepover xD

byebye xD


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