Cosplay works and others… xD

yo minna-san

well yesterday i was using my friend’s pc cos i was at a sleepover for 2 days xD it was sooo awesome!!! and i met a new friend xD and saw my other friends too xD well this is gonna be my next update so stay tuned!!!

well this subject of today is Cosplay in the main place xD

the first subject is Paperdoll >_<

i made for the first time Shiki Dolls xD and they look like this

left: Tohru , right: Natsuno

Tohru ❤


next is about cosplay that i’m currently working on: Gui from 1/2 prince and Len Kagamine Magnet Version

first Gui from 1/2 Prince

this has been taken from a long time ago xD

later i made this, the armwarmers for Gui ^^ it can be long and short xD

next is Len Kagamine Magnet Version

i made my headphone already and still need the wig but for the rest im kinda finished xD

next subject is Drawing xD

well this is no paper, no this is carpet xD it was plain white so i decided it to draw mokona-tachi on it ^^

Takuto aka Ginga Bishounen from Stardriver

Tsukimi from Kuragehime

well that’s it for today ^^

bye bye


2 thoughts on “Cosplay works and others… xD

  1. daaamn . I love your stuff a lot :O you’re cosplay is just awesome and especially the headphone thing. and . omg your drawings . *_____* Daebak !!!

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